Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 11


(I have been trying for weeks to get this picture of Luis and his bike. I always get a laugh on outreach watching him ride. It takes all his energy to ride with one hand (I think he thinks he looks cool) and keep from crashing into poles, bushes and cars that get in his way..)

How to get teen girls to ride the Blue Bomber:101

Tell Isabel that Perla is coming.
Tell Perla that Isabel is coming.


Perla and Isabel coming to Sunday School.

(We had THIS bright idea after weeks and weeks of hearing, "I'll come if she comes")


While waiting for the bus to arrive....

Luzelena: Do you want me to sing a song for you?
Me: Sure.

After Luzelena serenaded us we were told off by the neighbor that lived in the apartment in the background.


Because our kids were climbing on his porch, which was "private property".

What a killjoy.

In spite of that.....

Everything seemed just a little more exciting using our new red carpet for the first time.

"Are they going to throw flowers at us too?"
Overheard, unknown bus rider (first time walking the red carpet)

Route 3 = 35 kids
Blue Bomber total = over 150 kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

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