Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 24

This week I want you to meet:
Justin Fig.

You may remember him from here.

A few things you should know about Justin:

He is 15 years old.

Justin is hilarious, many times without even trying to be.

He likes to skateboard.

Justin is flirted with often while out on bus by "cholas" in our neighborhood (they yell "hey cutie" at him - as well as other things that I cannot post).

From my first day on bus, Justin has been eager to show me the ropes.

It is obvious when we are on outreach, that his reason for being on Bus is due to his love for people. He always goes the extra mile to connect to others. Countless times he has requested that I drop him off in the middle of a group of kids skateboarding so he can try to connect with them.

For months I have watched Justin establish a friendship with a teenager named Raiden.

Two Friday nights ago: Raiden shows up at my door, at 4pm, wanting to know what time the youth event was later that evening.(this is the first time he has ever done this).

Last Wednesday night: Raiden showed up for our regular church service and even sat in the front with all of the guys.

Last Friday night: Raiden comes to our youth service. Not only does he come but he brings a friend (Jesse). Not only does he come and bring a friend, but he comes to the altar on his own and is touched by the presence of God.

Yesterday (Sunday) morning: Raiden and Jesse show up at 8:00am to help us do wake up. They go into the church for the morning service at 10am and Jesse gets the holy ghost.

Sunday night: Raiden comes again to our evening service and gets the holy ghost.
I truly believe that a big part of Raiden coming to church is due to the relationship that he had with Justin.

Thank you Justin for being you and for reminding ME of the importance of connecting to people and taking time for them.....

....after all

that's what it's all about.

Route 3 = 20 kids

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week 23


Today the morning started off at 10am with a meeting for the Bus Captains and their assistants. We went over our procedures, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

It felt so good to be on outreach, after being gone for a few weeks!

We did stop by one of our "regulars" that has been missing the last few weeks:

Me: Luis, where have you been?
Luis: I have been home, you guys have been leaving me!
Me: No, we haven't. We knock and knock on your door and you don't answer.
Luis: Well, last week I did not go because I lost my shoes.
Me: You only have one pair of shoes?
Luis: No, but I only like to wear my cool shoes and was too embarrassed to wear the other ones that I have.

FINALLY....we at least have one reason why kids are not coming!!!


Route 3 = 21 kids

Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 22


This was the last in a line of horribly planned Saturdays.

I missed outreach for the third week in a row (I am sure you are all sick of hearing it and are questioning my level of commitment......aaauuuggghhh)!!!!

While I did not go on regular outreach I did play a small part in getting a teen girl to come:

Call on my cell phone:

Unnamed parent: There is a girl making out with a guy in the church parking lot.
Me: Who is it?
UP: I don't know.
Me: Can you tell them to leave, or do you want me to?
UP: Can you?
Me: Sure...**sigh** (thinking...why do I always have to be the bad guy???)

I walk up to a black primer-painted mini van.

Me: What are you guys doing here?
Guy: Nothin' just hanging out.
Me: Is there anything you need regarding the church?
Guy: No
Me: Then you need to leave.
Guy: Okay.
Me: awkwardly standing there while they say their "goodbyes"....(and such is the life of a yp's wife...**sigh**)

The girl (who will remain unnamed to protect herself from her stupidity) walks over to a group of our girls that were hanging out at the church.

Unnamedgirlwhodidsomethingdumb: Don't tell my mom I was with that guy.
One of our youth girls: I won't tell her if you come on the bus tomorrow.

She came.


A glimpse of my Sunday morning:

Some of the bus workers warming up the play-doh before the arrival of the kids.

Morning prayer.

Street sign while doing wake-up.

First Route 3 pick up of the morning.

Weird things you see on Sunday mornings.

Cookies = the breakfast of champions.

Taking kids home.

Jackie: Yesterday we went to go visit my Dad in jail.
Me: Is he going to get out soon?
Jackie: I think so, but they are going to send him to Mexico.
Me: Well, being in Mexico is much better than being in jail. At least then you will be able to talk to him whenever you want.
Jackie: My mom says that we are not going to buy any new clothes or do anything extra for a year.
Me: Really, why?
Jackie: We are going to try to save all of our money so he can come home.
Me: (blinking back tears)

::talk about making the problems I have seem so little and insignificant::

Route 3 = 24 kids

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week 21


Missed outreach AGAIN due to some scheduling issues (didn't realize I had booked two weekends away in a row).


I feel so out of the loop and miss spending time with the kids.

I was talking with Brandon (Route 3 bus captain) about the importance of Saturday evangelism.

On Saturdays you:
-connect with kids.
-meet new kids.
-build relationships with them.
-play games with them.
-visit their clubhouses.
-talk with them about their week.
-find out what is going on in their lives, their homes


Route 3 = 25 kids

Week 20


Bus Ministry is built on consistency.

That being is a good thing that I am not the only person on the team, as I was out of town this weekend.

I feel completely GUILTY every weekend I am not there, but I am thankful for a team of people that step up and take over my responsibilities while I am gone.

Even though I was in Cabo getting some R&R...bus ministry was not too far from my mind....

Especially seeing these everywhere:

...which closely resemble the buses of the "other" church in our city that picks up some of OUR kids and takes them to ANOTHER church.


Meet the Blue Bomber Bus Drivers:

Route 3 = 25 kids