Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week 8


(Walked up to the apartment of Luzelena and Luciano. They were sitting on the stairs in their pajamas.)

Me: What are you guys doing?
Luzelena: Do you see that toy horse on the street with the free sign?
Me: Yes.
Luzelena: We put it out there and want to see who takes it. We are too big for it now and don't have room for it. You should take it.
Me: How long are you guys going to sit out here?
Luzelena: Ummmm...until someone comes to take it. I want to see who gets it.


(Morning prayer before going to wake up kids)

Me: What did you learn today in Children's church?
Jaqueline: That Jesus can help....and do you want to know something?
Me: What?
Jaqueline: Luzelena's eyes looked like she was crying when we were praying.
Me: Why would she be crying?
Jaqueline: I don't know.
Me: I think it is because she felt God.
Jaqueline: Really?
Me: Yes. Sometimes, when you close your eyes and pray from your heart, you can feel God right there with you. And sometimes it makes you want to cry because you feel how much he loves you.

Route 3 = 38 kids.

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Jessica said...

I've loved reading your posts. It's so beautiful watching God change the lives of these children and their families.