Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 9

{On this blog I want to be real. I want to show the highs and lows of Bus Ministry. To only tell the "good" would not be a true reflection of the things that we face}


This past Saturday we spent time just hanging out with our kids. Played basketball with them, talked with them, sat with them on their porch......spent time doing what they do on Saturdays.

We also went to a new area and tried to get some contacts.

Usually when we are trying to get new kids we do not go door to door. Instead, we scout out apartments that show signs that kids may live there (i.e. toys, small shoes, bikes). These are the doors that we knock.

We had gone to a few apartment complexes in this new area and got a few "maybes". Nothing for sure.

It was extremely discouraging.

Finally we found one apartment that had three girls. One of our Spanish speaking workers hit it off with the parents. It was so exciting. The girls kept saying "I want to go to Sunday School, I want to go to Sunday School". We confirmed that we would be by to wake them up on Sunday morning at 9:15.

It seemed like a sure thing........

Sunday morning = no answer.

Needless to say, we are a little stubborn and will continue to visit them until they come.


My favorite thing about being a part of the Blue Bomber =

Knocking on a door, inviting a teenager to come.
They come.
They become a regular on the bus.
They like it so much they come to youth on Friday night.
Not only do they come to youth, but they are in the altar, crying.
They walk to church on Sunday night.
Not only do they walk to church, they are in the altar seeking for the Holy Ghost and want to be baptized.

I cannot even describe the excitement....


there is nothing like it in the world......

you should try it.

Route 3 = 31 kids


Amy said...

Ok this seriously made me cry. So awesome!! I love you for doing this. Thank you for reaching out to the students. Even if they don't come..they will!

I'm so excited about your paypal link. I'm going to post this on my fb page and on my blog too. I'd like people to visit this blog and contribute.

love you guys!


Jessica said...

Praise God!! You all are doing an incredible work.