Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 11


(I have been trying for weeks to get this picture of Luis and his bike. I always get a laugh on outreach watching him ride. It takes all his energy to ride with one hand (I think he thinks he looks cool) and keep from crashing into poles, bushes and cars that get in his way..)

How to get teen girls to ride the Blue Bomber:101

Tell Isabel that Perla is coming.
Tell Perla that Isabel is coming.


Perla and Isabel coming to Sunday School.

(We had THIS bright idea after weeks and weeks of hearing, "I'll come if she comes")


While waiting for the bus to arrive....

Luzelena: Do you want me to sing a song for you?
Me: Sure.

After Luzelena serenaded us we were told off by the neighbor that lived in the apartment in the background.


Because our kids were climbing on his porch, which was "private property".

What a killjoy.

In spite of that.....

Everything seemed just a little more exciting using our new red carpet for the first time.

"Are they going to throw flowers at us too?"
Overheard, unknown bus rider (first time walking the red carpet)

Route 3 = 35 kids
Blue Bomber total = over 150 kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 10


I wish I had a cute or funny story to tell about outreach.....but I don't. To be truthful, Saturday outreach was pretty monotonous.

We just did what we do.


It is so nice to have two buses running on Sunday mornings. We welcome one group of kids, and right behind them is another group waiting to get off of the bus.

Sunday was also monotonous.....


this weekend....

things will be different....

and the kids will be ecstatic....

and the bus workers will be thrilled....

because we got this:

(by "this" I mean the runner not JP - even though he is adorable...hahaha)

Route 3 = 32 kids

Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 9

{On this blog I want to be real. I want to show the highs and lows of Bus Ministry. To only tell the "good" would not be a true reflection of the things that we face}


This past Saturday we spent time just hanging out with our kids. Played basketball with them, talked with them, sat with them on their porch......spent time doing what they do on Saturdays.

We also went to a new area and tried to get some contacts.

Usually when we are trying to get new kids we do not go door to door. Instead, we scout out apartments that show signs that kids may live there (i.e. toys, small shoes, bikes). These are the doors that we knock.

We had gone to a few apartment complexes in this new area and got a few "maybes". Nothing for sure.

It was extremely discouraging.

Finally we found one apartment that had three girls. One of our Spanish speaking workers hit it off with the parents. It was so exciting. The girls kept saying "I want to go to Sunday School, I want to go to Sunday School". We confirmed that we would be by to wake them up on Sunday morning at 9:15.

It seemed like a sure thing........

Sunday morning = no answer.

Needless to say, we are a little stubborn and will continue to visit them until they come.


My favorite thing about being a part of the Blue Bomber =

Knocking on a door, inviting a teenager to come.
They come.
They become a regular on the bus.
They like it so much they come to youth on Friday night.
Not only do they come to youth, but they are in the altar, crying.
They walk to church on Sunday night.
Not only do they walk to church, they are in the altar seeking for the Holy Ghost and want to be baptized.

I cannot even describe the excitement....


there is nothing like it in the world......

you should try it.

Route 3 = 31 kids

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week 8


(Walked up to the apartment of Luzelena and Luciano. They were sitting on the stairs in their pajamas.)

Me: What are you guys doing?
Luzelena: Do you see that toy horse on the street with the free sign?
Me: Yes.
Luzelena: We put it out there and want to see who takes it. We are too big for it now and don't have room for it. You should take it.
Me: How long are you guys going to sit out here?
Luzelena: Ummmm...until someone comes to take it. I want to see who gets it.


(Morning prayer before going to wake up kids)

Me: What did you learn today in Children's church?
Jaqueline: That Jesus can help....and do you want to know something?
Me: What?
Jaqueline: Luzelena's eyes looked like she was crying when we were praying.
Me: Why would she be crying?
Jaqueline: I don't know.
Me: I think it is because she felt God.
Jaqueline: Really?
Me: Yes. Sometimes, when you close your eyes and pray from your heart, you can feel God right there with you. And sometimes it makes you want to cry because you feel how much he loves you.

Route 3 = 38 kids.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week 7


{I actually had to miss outreach this past Saturday, but did not want YOU to miss out on how we feel......}

{at the end of video is Route 3 being greeted as they exited the bus on Sunday....funny how in 7 short weeks I already find myself referring to them as "my kids"}


Approached by 3 bus workers as I walked into the gym on Sunday morning.


To say their memory verse.

You see....if you are under 16 and desire to work in the bus ministry you are required to participate in our 121 program (weekly scripture memorization, daily bible reading, and daily prayer).

It is so important (and I am glad that my-husband-who-is-the-bomb thinks of things like this) that in the midst of "reaching out", these kids grow spiritually.

"And what do you benefit if you gain
the whole world but lose your own soul?"
Mark 8:36

Route 3 = 36 (have you noticed the steady increase in numbers?!?!?! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!)