Monday, February 14, 2011


Outreach went awesome.
Every door that was knocked on my street planned on coming to Sunday School.


We were able to convince a mother that she should send her son (who rarely comes due to her needing his help to sell at the flea market)


I was able to talk two kids into coming who the week before said they were now "going to their mom's church".
We spent some time at the Laundromat (located in our neighborhood). I think we are going to start visiting there regularly.

You would not believe the number of families there with their kids.


they are stuck talking to you (at least until their laundry is done)!


I still need to learn Spanish.


Come Sunday morning we had 4 kids from my street.


We should have had at least 15.

Our overall route number was good, and the overall total for the Blue Bomber was excellent
BUT, I could not help but feel disappointed in myself.

I guess that's what happens when you work the bus ministry.

It all becomes personal.

This is my street.

These are my kids.

Am I doing my absolute best to reach them?

{because if I'm not reaching them, who is?}

Route 3 = 27 kids
Blue Bomber total = 133

Monday, January 31, 2011

2011: A few changes

...To Route 3:

Ben Bella = New Route 3 Bus Captain
{note: he deserved it after willingly wearing this at our Commitment Service for 2011}

New Team. There was a major reorg in the Blue Bomber Crew as a whole. As a result, we lost a few team members and gained a few.

We now have 12 members on our Route.

The last half of 2010, our numbers were not "anything to write home about." In fact one weekend we had 1 kid! As a whole we averaged around 15-20 per week.

Some of our goals as a Route this year:

~To make sure that EVERY kid living in our neighborhoods are coming on our bus.
~To expand to a new area.
~To spend more time connecting to our kids every week.

...To The Blue Bomber Crew:

All teams were downsized in order to run more efficiently and to help support changes in our Gym's structure.

There is now a "Home Base" Team that supports all activities taking place in the gym. All activities will be rotated weekly to keep kids excited about coming.

Some of the things the Home Base team is setting up in the gym:
a station for girls to make felt flower and feather headbands,
and an Arts & Crafts center for puppet making and coloring.

Random Blue Bomber Fact:

Took the youth group to Hollister a few weeks ago. While in the restaurant a group of kids tagged the Blue Bomber (one of them was caught by our brave bus driver and later arrested for public intoxication while on probation). Luckily it was done with oil based markers so everything came right off.....

but HOW DARE THEY!!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Can we just scratch 2010 and ALL of my flakiness?

Let's start over.

While I will NOT commit to blog every week.

I promise to blog on a regular basis.

Is all forgiven?

After seeing this how could I not sign up for The Blue Bomber Crew in 2011?

More to come....

Last Sunday = 26 kids

Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 28


A typical pre-outreach pep-talk.


Everything seemed to run like clockwork during pick up.

After arriving back at the church with the kids, and sending them off to class, I made my way into the sanctuary where service was already taking place.

I took my usual Sunday morning seat at the back of the sanctuary (since I would have to leave early to take kids home)......

scanned the crowd (because I am nosy like that)....

and could not believe how many parents of bus kids were there.

Now, this was just an ordinary Sunday morning service.

No special performance.

No promotions being advertised.

Not a Spanish service weekend.

and I was amazed....

as I realized that this is a regular occurrence at our church.

Today bus ministry reminded me of the story of the Little Engine that Could....just when you get discouraged and feel like giving get a little glimpse of hope...and find the strength to just keep going....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 27

Outreach was canceled today due to Vacation Bible School.

The bus went out Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday morning to pick up kids that were a part of this years event.

It was great to see bus parents hanging out at the conclusion of Saturday's water fight


The amazing set:

Our AWESOME Children's Pastor:
The performance:

I sat on the second row during the performance, feeling (once again) like a proud mama watching "my kids".

Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 26

Outreach was canceled so that the Blue Bomber Crew could do this:

to raise money so that 56 bus kids...

could be a part of this:


Did you know that when you come to a school bus stopped on either side of a road with the bus's red lights flashing, you must stop, and remain stopped as long as the red lights are flashing?

Two people on the road this morning did NOT know this.

Almost causing what would have been horrific accidents with two kids and a Bus Worker. (so thankful for God's protection)

Therefore I am going to be purchasing two of these:

and two of these (to be installed on our bus):

and maybe a few of these:

So we can look like this:

{click on the paypal link to the right if you are interested in making a donation for these items}

Route 3 = 19 kids

Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 24

This week I want you to meet:
Justin Fig.

You may remember him from here.

A few things you should know about Justin:

He is 15 years old.

Justin is hilarious, many times without even trying to be.

He likes to skateboard.

Justin is flirted with often while out on bus by "cholas" in our neighborhood (they yell "hey cutie" at him - as well as other things that I cannot post).

From my first day on bus, Justin has been eager to show me the ropes.

It is obvious when we are on outreach, that his reason for being on Bus is due to his love for people. He always goes the extra mile to connect to others. Countless times he has requested that I drop him off in the middle of a group of kids skateboarding so he can try to connect with them.

For months I have watched Justin establish a friendship with a teenager named Raiden.

Two Friday nights ago: Raiden shows up at my door, at 4pm, wanting to know what time the youth event was later that evening.(this is the first time he has ever done this).

Last Wednesday night: Raiden showed up for our regular church service and even sat in the front with all of the guys.

Last Friday night: Raiden comes to our youth service. Not only does he come but he brings a friend (Jesse). Not only does he come and bring a friend, but he comes to the altar on his own and is touched by the presence of God.

Yesterday (Sunday) morning: Raiden and Jesse show up at 8:00am to help us do wake up. They go into the church for the morning service at 10am and Jesse gets the holy ghost.

Sunday night: Raiden comes again to our evening service and gets the holy ghost.
I truly believe that a big part of Raiden coming to church is due to the relationship that he had with Justin.

Thank you Justin for being you and for reminding ME of the importance of connecting to people and taking time for them.....

....after all

that's what it's all about.

Route 3 = 20 kids