Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 6


Amazed at the amount of dedication it takes to be a part of the bus ministry. Here I am at week 6, in awe of those that have been working in this ministry for the past few years.

Dear God, bus workers deserve extra bling in their crown when they get to heaven...or maybe their names engraved in a sidewalk of gold - those are just a few of my own ideas, but I am sure that whatever you already have planned will be perfect.

This Saturday I was bit by a dog while on outreach. Yes, you heard me right.


Good thing I was wearing rain boots.

It was so awesome to show up at a house and hear the kids bragging that their Sunday School teacher had just stopped by! Sis. Pompliano...I think you made their day.


Had a reality check while doing wakeup.....one of our kids, Luis, opened his front door to a living room littered with beer cans. It broke my heart. Here in the midst of the partying, drinking, craziness that goes on in his life...he wants to go to Sunday School. Wakes himself up, gets himself ready.

What a reminder of why we do, what we do.

Last but not least:

"Today I learned about the boy that shared his lunch."
Jaqueline, Route 3 bus rider

Route 3 = 33 kids, 2 parents


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 5


Desperate times call for desperate measures.....

(for the record, he did wind up skateboarding to Sunday School on his own!)


We had our main bus driver back to drive route 3. It was so good to see him starting to get back into the swing of things (he has been out dealing with some medical issues). We love you Bro. Reed!

On wakeup we met a new kid out riding his bike. He wound up wanting to ride the bus so it was a rush sending someone over to talk to his parents before the bus came.

I am so excited that on my two streets alone we had 14 kids come.

I purchased a red carpet for the kids to walk down as they got off the bus. The one that I bought barely made it through this morning........so, we are accepting donations for a real red carpet runner (preferably 15 ft long).....you know......in case you have one lying around.

Last but not least:

"We are celebrities"
Overheard, unknown Route 3 bus rider
(after being welcomed - see previous post)

Route 3 = 30 kids, 2 parents

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 4


Underwood and Topaz are now my street assignments. It is the responsibility of myself, Justin, Lane and Angelina to get as many contacts as possible for these streets. Saturday was our first day of being assigned, so we mainly did follow up on the kids that will need to be picked up on Sunday.


We got sweatshirts!!!!

Sweatshirts were donated for our entire children's ministry department. All Blue Bomber workers got them....for FREE!


Our bus was FINALLY running! Things ran much smoother without having to carpool kids in. Route 3 is the smallest route, but as a whole we were carpooling over 100 kids every Sunday!

I am attaching a video of how the kids are welcomed every Sunday, they have been doing it this way the entire 3 years that we have had our bus ministry. It is so important for them to feel wanted.

Last but not least:

"Did you know God made hot Cheetos?"
Jaqueline, Route 3 bus rider

Route 3 = 24 kids, 2 parents

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 3


Took Fifi on outreach. I have no shame and will use anything to entice kids to come. Outreach went really well. We made a few new contacts in an area that we have very few kids.

Still no bus. That being said, I drove Jasmine, Luzelena and Jaqueline to Sunday School. What adorable girls. I have come to the realization that all you need is two girls together and they will talk nonstop.

~On the way home~

Me: "What did you guys learn in Sunday School?"
Jasmine: "That we shouldn't lie"
Luzelena:"That the devil does not love me"

Can you say success?

Route 3 = 24 kids