Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 6


Amazed at the amount of dedication it takes to be a part of the bus ministry. Here I am at week 6, in awe of those that have been working in this ministry for the past few years.

Dear God, bus workers deserve extra bling in their crown when they get to heaven...or maybe their names engraved in a sidewalk of gold - those are just a few of my own ideas, but I am sure that whatever you already have planned will be perfect.

This Saturday I was bit by a dog while on outreach. Yes, you heard me right.


Good thing I was wearing rain boots.

It was so awesome to show up at a house and hear the kids bragging that their Sunday School teacher had just stopped by! Sis. Pompliano...I think you made their day.


Had a reality check while doing wakeup.....one of our kids, Luis, opened his front door to a living room littered with beer cans. It broke my heart. Here in the midst of the partying, drinking, craziness that goes on in his life...he wants to go to Sunday School. Wakes himself up, gets himself ready.

What a reminder of why we do, what we do.

Last but not least:

"Today I learned about the boy that shared his lunch."
Jaqueline, Route 3 bus rider

Route 3 = 33 kids, 2 parents



Stella said...


I am so stinking PROUD for you and this new endeavor!! God is going to use you in a BIG way!! I am so excited for you and THANK you for the Blog. :)

I LOVE the videos Jason posts and I am cheering you on!!

Seriously, every Saturday, I think of the Blue Bomber crew outreach and pray for all of you guys.

HOORAY for Bus Ministry!

Chels said...

Woo hoo! God is so good!

Karen said...

Truly bus ministry is interesting as well as rewarding. I too was bit by a dog; had a gun shoved in my face; got hair lice; and more!!! Have five years' worth of stories but too much to tell here. However the rewards far outweigh any obstacle. God bless those in the bus ministry.