Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 3


Took Fifi on outreach. I have no shame and will use anything to entice kids to come. Outreach went really well. We made a few new contacts in an area that we have very few kids.

Still no bus. That being said, I drove Jasmine, Luzelena and Jaqueline to Sunday School. What adorable girls. I have come to the realization that all you need is two girls together and they will talk nonstop.

~On the way home~

Me: "What did you guys learn in Sunday School?"
Jasmine: "That we shouldn't lie"
Luzelena:"That the devil does not love me"

Can you say success?

Route 3 = 24 kids


Amy said...

Ok I'm seriously upset with you that you never told me that you have this blog!!

I love this, and I want you guys to know that Brandon highly respect you both. You are doing it for the are such an outstanding example.

Thank you and I can't wait to follow along. :)

love you xoxo

leah said...

Amy - you are hilarious! I have been posting it to facebook every time I must have missed it =)

We love you guys and value your friendship so very much!!!

(plus.....I was inspired to blog by YOU...I know that I never comment, but am a faithful reader.)