Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 4


Underwood and Topaz are now my street assignments. It is the responsibility of myself, Justin, Lane and Angelina to get as many contacts as possible for these streets. Saturday was our first day of being assigned, so we mainly did follow up on the kids that will need to be picked up on Sunday.


We got sweatshirts!!!!

Sweatshirts were donated for our entire children's ministry department. All Blue Bomber workers got them....for FREE!


Our bus was FINALLY running! Things ran much smoother without having to carpool kids in. Route 3 is the smallest route, but as a whole we were carpooling over 100 kids every Sunday!

I am attaching a video of how the kids are welcomed every Sunday, they have been doing it this way the entire 3 years that we have had our bus ministry. It is so important for them to feel wanted.

Last but not least:

"Did you know God made hot Cheetos?"
Jaqueline, Route 3 bus rider

Route 3 = 24 kids, 2 parents


Amy said...

leah, this is seriously so awesome!! I LOVE it! You guys are doing it...so impressed.

xoxo love you

Jerry said...

"God made hot cheetos" - priceless.