Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 5


Desperate times call for desperate measures.....

(for the record, he did wind up skateboarding to Sunday School on his own!)


We had our main bus driver back to drive route 3. It was so good to see him starting to get back into the swing of things (he has been out dealing with some medical issues). We love you Bro. Reed!

On wakeup we met a new kid out riding his bike. He wound up wanting to ride the bus so it was a rush sending someone over to talk to his parents before the bus came.

I am so excited that on my two streets alone we had 14 kids come.

I purchased a red carpet for the kids to walk down as they got off the bus. The one that I bought barely made it through this, we are accepting donations for a real red carpet runner (preferably 15 ft long) case you have one lying around.

Last but not least:

"We are celebrities"
Overheard, unknown Route 3 bus rider
(after being welcomed - see previous post)

Route 3 = 30 kids, 2 parents


Amy said...

LOVE it. Girl, I wish I had a red carpet lying around to give you guys. You should put up a paypal link. Seriously, its super easy to do, and people can donate a couple dollars here and there towards the cause. I would!! :)

love the celebrities comment. too cute. you guys are the bomb. So impressed.

love you

leah said...

Amy - what a great idea....I am going to look into it.

Love you!

Jerry said...

Justin will have to practice some more skate boarding on his week off from school - he'll so hate that.

bz2knice said...

I love that they feel like celebrities! It made me want to cry just seeing that.
Love your blog Sis Leah!
-Bianca =D