Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week 15


On outreach we had half of our team missing and was without a bus captain. That being said, we focused on follow up.

While doing follow up, we were invited into one of our kids club house. In sidewalk chalk they had written two signs:

Pray before entering

Blue Bomber Parking

What a great feeling to know that they think of us even when we are not around....

A group of us also went over to one of our new areas just to say "hi" to one of the girls that we have been connecting to. She was outside playing with one of her we did what we do and connected to her friend too (I think one of our motto's should be "Kids reaching kids").

After outreach was over Anna, Angelina and I went to deliver a "promised" Slurpee to one of the girls that had had a hard time in Sunday School the week prior.

A few things:

We are so advanced in how we identify the different routes.
....sharpie markers are extremely economical.

Jacqueline runs up to me with a bag of candy:

Jacqueline: Can you hold my candy while I play?
Me: Sure. Where did you get this candy from?
Jacqueline: I brought it from home.
Me: Why?
Jacqueline: My brother did not come this morning and if I left it at home he would eat it.
So, I walked around all morning carrying my attendance and Jacqueline's bag of candy.

Speaking of attendance, things went so smoothly this week.

What a relief!


last but not least...

Sunday night....


It is always exciting when anyone off of the Blue Bomber gets the holy ghost or baptized...

....but it just feels a little more special when it is someone that you have been directly connecting to...


...might I add that also on Sunday we had 2 mothers of Blue Bomber kids get the holy ghost and had 3 kids baptized.

Don't have a bus ministry?

Get one.


Route 3 = 33 kids

and if you still have not had enough....

A few video facts:

~0.4-0.11 seconds in -shows Justin being LEFT by the bus....good thing JWest was taking the video from his car, or poor Justin would have had to walk back to the church.

~You may notice kids carrying bread. Our church has the hook-up and we get a ton of leftover bread, pastries and other goodies form Grocery stores, Starbucks and Panera Bread. We use the cookies and pastries as a snack for the kids when they arrive at the church. Everything else is divided and bagged for anyone to take home.

~High-fiving the kids as they leave is a creative spin we put on a possibly chaotic situation. You see, when a route is making their way to the bus, it is necessary for them to pass through the gym (full of kids playing). So, we make a wall in an attempt to keep any kids from getting distracted and being left behind.

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