Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 14

This week my standard format is going out the window and I just want to talk.

Today was one of the hardest Sundays I have had so far. I have never felt so exhausted.

I had high hopes (and the brilliant idea) of putting together a really cool video that I would title, "A day in the life of a bus worker". But today, nothing worked out.

I woke up so tired (not a really good way to start a Sunday morning), really wanted to get video of how we do wake up, and only had about 10 minutes to get some good clips.

First house: no answer.

Second house: no answer.

Third house:

Jacqueline opens door, I start recording

Me: Good morning Jackie.....are you coming today?
Jacqueline (starts crying): I can't go today. The police came and took my Dad and we are going to the jail to see him.

camera. off.

Then, it was back to the church where I attempted to do some video clips in our gym. I walked through, got some great stuff, walked out and realized I had been pressing the wrong button and had recorded NOTHING.

Attendance was crazy (still working on getting it together)......all I will say about it right now is AAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

But in spite of a morning where nothing seemed to go "right", today I feel honored to be a part of the Blue Bomber Crew.

People are always commenting to me about my blog, and many of my friends "share" it with their friends. But, to be honest, it was never started to promote myself as a bus worker. In fact, I feel so awkward when people compliment me regarding working on it....ME.....with my measly 14 weeks, while I work with people that have been doing this for years.

I feel so honored to be working side by side with some of the most passionate and sincere people in the world.......yes, you heard me right.....I said in the WORLD.

Not just anywhere would a team of bus workers: show up today at 7:30 am, work their behinds off running around with their kids, stay after everyone left church for a bus meeting (at 12:30pm - to give you a timeline), and then feel a burden for one of their bus kids and stay and pray for them in the prayer room (and when I say "pray", I mean on their faces weeping).

Things like that don't just happen anywhere.

One of the best ways to describe bus ministry would be to say that it is a continual emotional roller-coaster.
In one day:

I find out that one of the teen girls that rides the bus has been molested, hit her teacher and was kicked out of school.

An hour later, Luis (a regular bus rider) runs up to me after his class and tells me that he wants to get baptized tonight (note - pictured below is another bus rider that was baptized this weekend, we are still waiting on a permission slip from Luis' mom).

You have a high. You have a low.

In one morning you are frustrated that so many of your "regulars" don't come, but then realize that numbers are still great due to a bunch of new kids.....

....and such is the life of a bus worker.

"Do you think they are going to have the red carpet out for us today?"
Overheard, route 3 bus rider on their way to Sunday School

Route 3 = 38 kids


~%NowBaptized%~ said...

Sis Leah I know you're not on my route but thank you for saying awesome things about us Blue Bombers. It brought tears to my eyes. God really does allow you to see things and just help people in special ways. Yesterday morning I got to connect with presley's mom. Her dad had just died and I was able to comfort her. She even said to us, " Everytime I'm going though something, God sends you guys to comfort me and pray with me." Moments like that touch me so deeply. Our God is awesome!

Amy said...

Keep your chin up! You guys are awesome and you are using your blogging talent to promote it all, you AND the longterm bus team. Love you guys. The video makes me cry. Seriously.

and of course, you already know how I feel about the hoodie. hehe

leah said...

Bianca - You are AWESOME!!!! Love you.

Amy - Glad I was able to promote Evy's tree (I LOVE my hoodies)! Love you.