Monday, February 14, 2011


Outreach went awesome.
Every door that was knocked on my street planned on coming to Sunday School.


We were able to convince a mother that she should send her son (who rarely comes due to her needing his help to sell at the flea market)


I was able to talk two kids into coming who the week before said they were now "going to their mom's church".
We spent some time at the Laundromat (located in our neighborhood). I think we are going to start visiting there regularly.

You would not believe the number of families there with their kids.


they are stuck talking to you (at least until their laundry is done)!


I still need to learn Spanish.


Come Sunday morning we had 4 kids from my street.


We should have had at least 15.

Our overall route number was good, and the overall total for the Blue Bomber was excellent
BUT, I could not help but feel disappointed in myself.

I guess that's what happens when you work the bus ministry.

It all becomes personal.

This is my street.

These are my kids.

Am I doing my absolute best to reach them?

{because if I'm not reaching them, who is?}

Route 3 = 27 kids
Blue Bomber total = 133

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