Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week 17

I am going to start by saying......I cannot believe I have made it this long.


The amount of time and dedication it takes.

I am completely surprised at myself.

I think what has made me stick are...

the kids.


For the first 30 minutes, the entire Bus team (all 3 routes) went out to help us in our new area. We made so many new contacts and connections.

It felt so good to have the support of the Bus team behind us. We were even able to get a few kids together for a candy rain.


All of the kids that rode the Blue Bomber were given a shirt. It was so AWESOME to see all of them wearing them while they performed for Mother's Day.

Props to Tim for being a part of the Blue Bomber Crew....save the shirt, come every weekend you are in San Jose.

A few things about Sunday:

I can't help but get annoyed whenever I hear a parent say,
"Why didn't my kid get a t-shirt, why are the Bus kids treated special?"


My response to this person/s:
"Instead of focusing on what your child is not getting, why not teach your child to appreciate the fact that he/she has a parent willing to bring them to Sunday School every week. If YOU would take the time to "adopt" a bus kid, we would not have to come up with "church clothes" for them."

and that is me saying it nicely.

On a lighter note...

Riding back to the church after picking up the kids, it was so cute to sit next to one of them practicing the songs and the signs for their performance that morning.

Two breakdowns on my route:

Breakdown #1 = asking Jackie about her dog, who unknown to me had run away last week. Hello waterworks.

Breakdown #2 = Luz's mom showing up an hour after the Mother's Day performance due to a miscommunication on the time.

Everything ran smoothly, even with having to sort out all 3 routes, following their performance.

I could not help but feel like a proud mama while watching all of the kids perform.

Really....the bus kids start to feel a little like your own.

Route 3 = 27 kids

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